Oster Mykonos 2 Quart Greek Digital Yogurt Maker CKSTYM1012

C$ 60.00
If you love the thick consistency, creamy texture and the power-packed health benefits of Greek Yogurt, check out the Oster Mykonos Greek Digital Yogurt Maker. The Mykonos promises to deliver authentic Greek-style yogurt, two quarts at a time, sufficient to satisfy even “healthy” appetites.


  • You can make traditional style yogurt or strain it through the uniquely designed Greek yogurt strainer to make Greek yogurt.
  • The maker kit includes a large 1 quart container and six 7 oz glass jars. So, you can mix, match and make different flavors of yogurt at one go. You can prepare a large batch while also experimenting with ingredients, flavors and milk types. Keep adding to your yogurt repertoire as you go!
  • You can use various types of milk, including soy and almond milk, to make thick, rich Greek yogurt.

    Three easy steps to Greek yogurt

      Step 1 – Pre-heat the milk, let it cool down and add starter culture, yogurt leftover from the previous batch or store bought yogurt. Pour into the jars or container as you wish.

      Step 2 – Plug and power the maker. The timer function allows you to set the time required for fermentation. You can view the time remaining on the LCD display. Once yogurt is set, you can remove the jars / container from the maker. If plain ol' yogurt is your style you can store the prepared yogurt in a refrigerator for later use.

      Step 3 – If you are into Greek-style yogurt, simply strain the prepared yogurt with the Greek yogurt strainer to remove excess liquid and place in fridge. When done, pieces store compactly together in unit.


          The excess liquid remaining is whey. Whey contains protein, lactose, provitamin A and minerals. Refrigerate it, drink it or add it to other dishes.

          Highlights at a glance

          • Make up to 2 quarts of traditional or Greek-style yogurt
          • Use many types of milk, including soy or almond milk
          • Digital operation with timer
          • Make personalized servings using the six 7 oz glass jars
          • Prepare a larger batch using the 17 oz container
          • When done, pieces (including container, jars and strainer) fit together neatly in unit

          Product Dimensions

          • 6.5" x 13.2" x 11.5"
          • 4.8 pounds
            All containers and strainer can be stored compactly in the same unit.

            Package includes:

            • Set of six 7 oz glass jars with lids
            • 1 quart plastic container with lid
            • Greek yogurt strainer
            • Instruction booklet
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