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Although it may seem easier to pick up a carton of yogurt at the store, making yogurt at home has a lot more benefits. Good yogurt can be a superfood filled with probiotics, calcium, and rich protein. Making your own yogurt ensures that you end up with the best batch possible.
Snack breaks: when the mid-morning munchies or the afternoon slump hits, you need something fresh and nutritious. You want something fast and delicious. We've compiled 5 quick and sinfully delicious snack ideas with a high protein and low sugar content to keep you running all afternoon.
Making homemade yogurt is surprisingly easy, but there is one trick to making the richest, creamiest, most delicious yogurt possible: Choosing the right milk.
So, you're not yogurt's biggest fan, but you're among the swelling legion of people seeking to adopt healthier eating habits. The fact that yogurt is good for you doesn't help its image in your mind, but you don't do quinoa, and you're familiar enough with yogurt's obvious nutritional benefits that you're ready to give it another chance.
Since biblical times, milk and honey, especially soured milk in the form of yogurt, has been considered a heavenly blessing. For thousands of years, people all over the world have fermented milk with bacteria that made it less perishable and more useful for cooking.
Bring mixture to a boil and cook for about 15 minutes, until chicken is cooked through. Serve over rice or another grain, garnished with cilantro on top.
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet many people struggle with ensuring that they get this meal in on a daily basis. I'm sure you would agree that it's very easy to do things in life that you can get excited about.
Yogurt ... a multipurpose food, especially when it comes to recipes. It can be used as a primary ingredient, a complimentary ingredient or as a substitute ingredient for something that is less healthy, i.e. mayonnaise.
It's easy to turn your favorite cream-based soup into a fresh and healthy vegetarian dish that boasts a fun Mediterranean flair - just use Greek yogurt!
Start your day with this Sweet and Salty Granola Parfait and not only will you tummy be happy, your taste buds will be leaping for joy!
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