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With the Dash Yogurt Maker sitting on your kitchen top, you can enjoy fresh, creamy, delicious home made yogurt in the flavor of your choice, every day. If your family members have different flavor preferences, making multiple flavor yogurts is no pain at all; with, the Dash Yogurt Maker you can make up to seven different flavors of yogurt at one time.

The Dash Yogurt Maker takes the complexity out of the yogurt making process and, how:

  • Prepare the milk/starter mix and pour it into the 7 glass jars provided.
  • Place the filled jars without their lids in the maker.
  • Cover the maker with the lid provided.
  • Plug the maker into a power socket and turn it on.
  • Set the timer with the number of hours needed to make the yogurt.
  • When the yogurt is ready, the timer / unit will switch off automatically .
  • Remove the jars and start digging in or refrigerate for later use.
    • The Dash Yogurt Maker maintains the yogurt at just over 100 degrees during the fermenting process thus enabling high levels of consistency in the maturation of your yogurt. The glass jars can hold 8 ounces each while the large container can hold 1 quart of yogurt. The prep time for yogurt is only 10 minutes or less. Once prep is completed, the Dash Yogurt Maker delivers fresh, homemade yogurt in just 8 to 12 hours.

      With the Dash Yogurt Maker, you also gain the ability to play around with the ingredients adding a variety of new tastes to your repertoire. Who said that yogurt comes only in “plain”?!

      Highlights at a glance

      • Allows for making of up to seven different types of flavors at one time.
      • Digital interface with timer lets you know when the yogurt is ready.
      • Timer comes with auto shut-off for safety and convenience.
      • Dishwasher safe
      • Clear lid allows for an unhindered view of the fermentation process
      • Made with BPA-free materials
      • Yogurt is ready in 8 – 12 hours depending upon thickness desired
      • One year limited warranty

      Product Dimensions:

      • 9.06'' x 8.86'' x 4.72''
      • 3.2 pounds
      • The Dash Yogurt Maker is available in Red, Chrome and Blue colors and fits snugly on your kitchen counter top. .

      Package includes:

      • Seven 8 oz glass jars
      • Instruction and recipe booklet
        Get the myriad health benefits of fresh yogurt, without the unnecessary additives and artificial sweeteners that store-bought yogurt involves.

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